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Sherlock and iNspect Software

Dalsa's improved iNspect and Sherlock software packages, available through Stemmer Imaging, enable imaging systems to be used cost-effectively in many fields and by users with any level of knowledge.

The iNspect software, which recently gained colour imaging functionality, can now support up to eight instead of three GigE cameras per application. iNspect can be configured and operated in traditional synchronous mode to trigger all cameras simultaneously. Other enhancements in the new version include real-time image rotation and the ability to work with composite images. This makes it much easier to implement inspection tasks involving multi-camera applications. For ease of use, each camera is set up individually with the aid of pull-down menus and the simplified, flexible scripting allows tool parameters or results to be linked across multiple cameras.

For experienced imaging integrators, new features and capabilities have also been added to Sherlock. These include a new OCR tool that can be very quickly trained and which is also tolerant of scaling and rotation of individual characters. The new OCR reader can scan several lines at the same time and uses optimised algorithms for character segmentation as well as effective control to deliver predictable and repeatable results. Administrative and Operator Support features security and auditing capabilities which make Sherlock suitable for use in applications requiring conformance to FDA21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements.

Sherlock now also supports Dalsa Genie HM cameras, the AVT Fire Package 2.9 driver and a variety of new commands, pre-processing options and algorithm enhancements. Sherlock's support for multi-camera systems provides users with tremendous application flexibility and cost savings. For example, applications involving up to 16 Genie GigE cameras, including high-resolution variants, have already been successfully implemented on a VA61 unit.

Both iNspect and Sherlock can be used together with GigE cameras attached to a Dalsa VA61 or to any other GigE-compatible industrial computer. 


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