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Scorpion Vision version X

Tordivel has released a major new version of Scorpion Vision Software with focus on 3D machine vision and Microsoft Windows 8.0.

The Version X release has the accumulated industrial strength and the extensive results from a series of large 3D machine vision R&D projects started in 2006. The latest project, Scorpion 3D modelling, has resulted in a technology that makes it possible to simulate 3D stereo vision based on 3D models. This reduces risk, deployment cost and installation time for Scorpion 3D Stinger-based solution in many industries.

Version X has introduced more than 25 Scorpion Tool Components (STCs) including powerful 2D and 3D tools. This speeds up the creation of Scorpion Vision profiles. Tordivel will supply more than 50 new STCs in the coming months.

The STCs are created with the Scorpion Vision SDK. Also integrated in the development kit is a complete machine vision GUI builder where custom interfaces can be developed without any programming.

Scorpion Vision Apps has been improved, which continues to lower the integration cost of machine vision in manufacturing. The user configures the App by point and click on custom configuration pages. The Scorpion Vision Apps are based on 2D or 3D machine vision. The open architecture of Scorpion Version X makes it easy to package OpenCV, Numpy and SciPy-based systems in a professional Vision App.


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