Scorpion Vision Software Version X.I

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Tordivel has released an update to its Scorpion Vision Software Version X with focus on improvement and usability for the Scorpion Vision Apps and supporting the Scorpion Compact Vision System platform.

Tordivel has made it easier to calibrate a 3D machine vision system with its One Push 3D Calibration technology. Version X.I is also easier to use with a complete new graphical user interface. The user interface has built-in statistics and logging capabilities making it ideal for process control and integrating with manufacturing database systems.

Scorpion Vision Apps has been improved. The user configures the app by point and click on custom configuration pages. The Scorpion Vision Apps are based on 2D or 3D machine vision and the open architecture of Scorpion Version X makes it easy to package OpenCV, Numpy and SciPy based systems in a professional vision app.