Scopepad 500

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Syncroscopy, a specialist in digital imaging solutions for microscopy, has introduced its AutoMontage software as a Montage Pad App for its new Scopepad 500, a touch screen microscope tablet with integrated camera. This new imaging suite will provide an inexpensive, rapid method of generating in-focus images of samples.

The Scopepad 500 features a nine inch tablet integrated to a high-resolution five megapixel camera and software for image capture, annotation, measurements and image enhancement. The Scopepad 500 with its standard C-mount is easily fitted to any microscope with a camera port, allowing microscopists to have a rapid touch screen method for producing accurate, full-colour images of their samples. These images can be saved and measurement results can be directly exported to Excel.

For microscopists who need images of 3D samples, a new Montage Pad App is available for use exclusively with the Scopepad 500. The Montage Pad App captures an image series of the sample via the Scopepad 500 and then analyses and rapidly reconstructs the data into one fully focused image, thus saving users time manually overlaying images on their computer.

Based on company’s successful Auto-Montage software, the Montage Pad App on the Scopepad 500 inexpensively converts an ordinary microscope into an advanced imaging workstation.

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