ScopeCheck V and VideoCheck V machines

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Werth Messtechnik has introduced the ScopeCheck V and VideoCheck V series, multisensor coordinate measuring machines for measuring round parts (tools, shafts, gear teeth, etc.). The multisensor concept allows inspection of gear teeth and other asymmetrical part features, such as cooling holes and control cams.

The image processing sensor can be combined with other sensors to suit the application, including probes, lasers, and the Werth Fiber Probe. Image processing rapidly measures diameter dimensions, tactile probes measure flat surfaces and holes, and laser sensors measure cutting and clearance angles.

Any typical chucking system can be used for flexible tool holding. The chucking error (wobble) is compensated for with mathematical methods for determining the centre axis of the workpiece.

The new WinWerth 7.32 measurement software, with its ergonomic design, provides efficient and simple operation. Programmed interfaces to Numroto, Rollomatic, and Esco are provided on ScopeCheck V.