The IP 40 T and the IP 110 T

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Werth Messtechnik has released the IP 40 T and the IP 110 T. Both are compact sensor heads with telecentric optics and an integrated zoom function.

The IP 40 T is available with magnification of 4x or 1.5x, with a working distance of 40 mm for each. Due to its compact design, it provides brilliant image quality when using darkfield incident light.  It is thus very well suited for measuring low-contrast technical plastic parts. Its short length means that very little of the measurement envelope is lost in the pivoted, parked state.

The IP 110 T has a magnification of 1.5x at 110 mm working distance. This property makes it ideal for measuring lower lying features, with no risk of collision.

Both measurement heads can be adapted to the Renishaw PH10M rotating / pivoting joint, or on the Werth pivot joint, directly on the ram of the coordinate measuring machine. A powerful brightfield incident lighting system is integrated in the beam path. The darkfield incident light illumination, implemented in an 8-segment ring, provides the best possible contrast.

The non-contact principle of the sensor heads is based on powerful Werth contour image processing, with high precision autofocus. This allows both measurement of standard geometric elements and scanning of contours.

The incident light ring can be exchanged for the Werth Fiber Probe, using a kinematic interchange system (patent pending). The result is a rotary-tilt measurement head with a microprobe that allows contact measurements of extremely small geometries, with very small contact forces, at high precision. The application possibilities of coordinate measuring machines are significantly expanded.

The IP 40 T and TP 110 T sensor heads are fully integrated in the Werth multisensor concept.