Flir 1030sc

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FLIR Systems announces the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition (HD) Longwave Infrared (LW-IR) camera featuring the industry's highest resolution.

Designed to help researchers and scientists tackle some of the  world's most pressing challenges the FLIR 1030sc delivers outstanding thermal sensitivity, clarity and high-speed streaming. Coupling an extraordinarily sensitive detector, with new FLIR OSXTM Precision HD-ready optics, the T1030sc routinely detects temperature differences of less than 20 mK at 30°C.

For research and development professionals, accuracy matters. Whether you are looking to make thermal measurements in the field to identify stress failures in engines or in the lab measuring textiles to ensure a fabric will hold up in harsh weather conditions, your thermal imaging camera needs to be durable, portable and precise.

Designed for versatility, the T1030sc is a high-performance infrared camera in a flexible, portable, handheld package. The T1030sc functions as a stand-alone data collection and analysis system in the field or as a fixed-mount thermal measurement solution in the lab.

Able to record 1024 x 768 full frame video at 30 Hz on just battery power, and stream raw data at 120 Hz via a high-speed interface (HSI), the T1030sc records and delivers high-speed data how you need it. FLIR ResearchIR Max software is included with the T1030sc providing users with unmatched capabilities to analyze and share data.