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Salamander housings

Due to a growing demand for camera solutions in dirty environments, autoVimation have expanded their product range. The technology previously proven in the Salamander housing series has been adapted to 3" windows. The new wind curtain now provides a clear view for the larger enclosure series Orca, Mammoth and Chameleon L. Excess dust is blown off the screen by a single blast. Expected deposits or lighter fluid mist can be kept away from the window by a permanent airflow. The wind curtain also helps in high-grade ambient contamination to prolong the cleaning intervals significantly and thus reduce downtime and costs. Even more extreme demands occur in areas where cooling lubricants or wax spray is used, as in machining centers or chassis corrosion protection. An image recording is usually required only before and after the machining, e.g. to verify the position of the workpiece. During the machining process, the front window could be contaminated or even damaged by splashing coolant and chips. The pneumatically driven protective shutter, which opens only during the image acquisition, prevents this. Additionally, a wind curtain can be used to build overpressure and prevent splashes on the windscreen at the moment of opening.


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