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3D Vision Tool Kit

Aqsense has launched its C++ software development suite for 3D machine vision industrial applications. Focusing on the processing and analysis of organised 3D point cloud data, it's structured as a set of tools that can be connected to a common core.

The currently available tools include: the Peak Detector tool, a highly accurate laser stripe detector; the Metric Calibration tool providing true XYZ coordinates to be accurately extracted from laser triangulation range maps; the Merger Tool, focused on occlusion or shadow minimisation; and the Match3D tool, a highly sophisticated tool allowing 100 per cent part inspection using best-fit alignment and comparison in a fraction of a second for 1 million point surfaces.

Features include easy-to-use C++ components suitable for most C++ compilers, hardware acquisition independence, and open architecture for easy extension by custom and third party components, among others. Common Vision Blox versions are available, as is extensive on-line documentation.

Aqsense products are distributed by Stemmer Imaging, Parameter and Infaimon.


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