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Right-Angle T-Series camera

PPT Vision has added the Right-Angle T-Series intelligent camera to its series of Impact smart cameras. This camera is paired with PPT Vision's full Impact software suite, which solves challenging industrial vision applications such as product or feature inspection, location and identification. Impact smart cameras employ closely integrated vision software and hardware to deliver a sophisticated solution for vial inspection, label inspection, optical character recognition (OCR) and many other machine vision applications. 

The Right-Angle T-Series Impact camera is particularly well suited for high-speed inspections. With its 1,600 MIPs rated processor, the camera can inspect up to 6,000 parts-per-minute. Six models are available, including colour, greyscale and 1,600 x 1,200 resolution options, allowing customers to select the resolution, speed, performance and price-point desired to effectively solve a wide array of automated inspections. Vision inspection results can be communicated with the camera's optically isolated outputs or through its serial or Ethernet port. This information may also be communicated to a machine control system or factory Scada system via industrial Ethernet IP or Modbus protocols, as well as by utilising the Microsoft ActiveX platform.


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