Ricoh CV-10A

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Ricoh Industrial Solutions Inc. in Japan is announcing the introduction of the RICOH CV-10A, 2D Color Analyzer for Display Inspection.

The 2D Color Analyzer is a camera that measures color, luminance and other color information. RICOH CV-10A proves to be exceptionally advanced in the inspection of display quality. High-precision inspection becomes possible in a short amount of time as the shooting range is wider than a point measurement type colorimeter, allowing a maximum of 120×90 points of color to be acquired in a single shot. This device can also inspect irregular color and detect color differences that are difficult to identify with the human eye, contributing to inspection efficiency and cost reduction.

Moreover, because of the camera’s compact, light-weight design, it can be easily transported to inspect the irregular color and irregular luminance of digital signage.

A key feature of the New 2D Color Analyzer includes high-precision in-plane chromaticity measurement. The RICOH CV-10A has a wider shooting range than a point measurement type colorimeter, making it possible to measure color to a maximum of 120×90 points in a single shot. This capability allows, inspection time to be significantly reduced, leading to an improvement in production efficiency.

The device also provides high-precision and low variation color measurement. When used in conjunction with the XYZ filter the RICOH CV-10A measures color in a manner similar to human eye perception. By applying a calibration process that uses Ricoh’s unique algorithm, high-precision, less deviation, and accurate color measurement is achieved.

Lastly, it is a compact, lightweight and portable device. With the fusion of Ricoh’s fine optical design, manufacturing technology and image processing technology, 46 (W) × 46 (H) × 125 (D) mm, approximately 314g compact/lightweight product is achieved, making it highly portable.