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A new 5 megapixel extended depth of field camera, with between 3 and 5 times the depth of field of conventional cameras, has been announced by Ricoh Imaging Europe. Extended depth of field cameras can simultaneously focus on multiple objects at varying distances, with no need to change the working distance and re-adjust the focus each time when capturing multiple objects at varying distances.

Given its high resolution, the new camera, EV-L500C1, is suited to inspecting high-density circuit boards, automobile parts or scratches on uneven printing surfaces such as food packaging, PET bottles, cans and other similar products.

The EV-L500C1 also offers a high capture speed of up to 53fps, and the interface for image data transfer is Camera Link (Power over Camera Link). The EV-L500C1 is compact and light and can be installed in factory production lines, inspection equipment, and areas with limited space.

In addition to the EV-L500C1 camera, the company is introducing three new lenses: the EL-BC2550-5M, EL-BC5090-5M and EL-BC751L-5M. The new lenses have focal lengths of 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm respectively, and are equipped with three cross-head screws for focus and iris rings, plus an additional thumb screw for each ring.


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