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RC series LED controllers

The new Gardasoft RC series is a range of single-channel LED controllers, from entry level products to powerful LED controllers for machine vision lighting. Using Gardasoft’s SafePower and SafeSense technology, the RC controllers deliver the power regulation, intensity control, timing and triggering functions required for high performance vision systems.

The RC series has can operate in either continuous or strobe modes. In continuous mode a stable and accurate constant current of up to 1.2A is provided, and in pulse mode high current pulsing to 2A is possible with up to ten times safe-overdriving capability. The units have a maximum power rating of 25W. With SafeSense technology, an RC series controller can detect the current rating of a light to be controlled so it can set safe-overdriving pulse width and duty cycle limits. 

RC products can be configured by either Ethernet or push-button interfaces, depending on model type. With the Ethernet options, a web browser can be used to access the RC series internal web pages allowing status to be viewed and parameters to be changed.


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