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EVT has introduced the Raze integration platform for machine vision solutions. Raze1 and Raze2 are Zynq boards, which can be used with a variety of line- and matrix-sensors.

The Raze1-15 and Raze1-30 system-on-chip (SoC) modules combine Xilinx's Zynq-7000-series All Programmable SoC device with fast DDR3 SDRAM, NAND flash, quad SPI flash, a Gigabit Ethernet PHY and an RTC, forming a complete embedded processing system.

Additionally, Raze1 combines the flexibility of a CPU system with the parallel processing power and real-time capabilities of an FPGA system. The same characteristics are true for Raze2, with the addition of a Zynq-7020.

Each Raze and sensor combination supports the EyeVision machine vision software, and the graphical user interface (GUI) remains the same on every platform. Within the software's toolbox, the image processing commands are displayed as icons that can be dragged into the program editor, where the commands are carried out by the software from top to bottom. The live image and the overlay can be seen in the camera viewer, and custom process displays can be created.


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