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Range of CMOS cameras

JAI's high dynamic range CMOS cameras TS-4032EN/TSC-4032EN have been developed especially for Automatic License Plate Recognition (APLR) applications in traffic management. The cameras feature multi-slope dynamic range technology that provides readable images in harsh lighting conditions (sun/shadows). Further the cameras have been equipped with zero smear technology eliminating blooming and loss of license plate data due to sun glare or glint.

JAI also produce the CV-A20CL and CV-A80, the latest monochrome and colour HDTV resolution (1080p) cameras with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and Camera Link interface. They provide 60fps in continuous (free-run) operation. The snapshot trigger mode allows capturing images-on-demand, in conjunction with a strobe light (e.g. LED flash), whilst the sync output precisely controls the timing of an external light source. The cameras are suitable for a number of industrial inspection applications such as print inspection and parts inspection.


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