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Qs-4A60 and Qs-2A120 cameras

Adimec has introduced the Qs-4A60 and Qs-2A120 cameras. The Cmosis CMOS-based cameras are designed to maximise the potential of the Camera Link Base communication protocol through the use of a three-tap configuration, improving throughput by 1.5x over two-tap implementations, without compromising image output depth.

The 4 Megapixel Qs-4A60 offers frame rates of up to 60fps, and the 2 Megapixel Qs-2A120 delivers up to 114fps. By using a three-tap configuration combined with the Look-Up-Table function (LUT), the cameras are able to effectively transmit 10-bit images at 1.5x the speed of a similar two-tap configuration over one Camera Link cable and without using special cables or frame grabbers.

The image acquisition can be done at higher frame speeds using the in-camera burst mode function, allowing the cameras to deliver 90fps (Qs-4A60) and 170fps (Qs-2A120). Both cameras are available in monochrome or colour models, and offer optional near infrared (NIR) capabilities to extend the spectral range. Solutions with anti-reflection coatings are supported to maximise the application performance.

Both cameras leverage the Adimec True Accurate Imaging technology to deliver image quality comparable to, or in some cases better than, CCD-based cameras, while maintaining CMOS-based sensor technology for improved speed. The cameras also offer a range of quality-enhancing features. Advanced flat field correction (FFC) capabilities, even in colour and with field calibration supported, deliver better image uniformity. The cameras deliver signal-to-noise of up to 12dB shot noise. The new cameras also offer an HDR mode for large scene dynamic capture capabilities.


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