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Adimec has upgraded its Quartz series of area scan cameras, which support a dual CoaXPress interface. The cameras are used in many demanding inspection and metrology systems and to better fulfill their increased latest requirements, the series has been upgraded with improved image quality and reduced power consumption.

Further improvements included improved frame-to-frame stability by a factor of 2.5, more flat field correction sets to support True Accurate Imaging, and reduced power consumption by about 2.5W. It also features more efficient implementation of the dual CoaXPress interface, support for higher resolution image sensors (e.g. 8 MP and greater), and more flexibility for customisation options.

The Quartz series includes one 2 MP model and two 4 MP models. Both resolutions are available with a Camera Link or a dual CoaXPress interface. All members of the Quartz series combine proven global shutter CMOS technology with the Adimec True Accurate Imaging® approach. This results in CCD-like image quality with unmatched speed.

The models with CoaXPress transmit 180fps at a 2048 x 2048 resolution with 10 bits per pixel over two standard coaxial cables for lengths over 60m without repeaters. 

The full frame rates can also be achieved over Camera Link and other interfaces as well. The Quartz cameras include buffered image pipeline technology where the data stream from the sensor is decoupled from the data stream on the camera interface.


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