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TMX-DHD series

Adimec has expanded the TMX-DHD series, a rugged and versatile line of full HD-daylight cameras capable of up to 60fps performance. In addition to the remote sensor head design (TMX6-DHD), a cube outline (TMX7-DHD) and a board-level (TMX7-DHD BLC) option are now available for integration in airborne payloads and other sensor system architectures.

The TMX-DHD series incorporates an automatic shutter and gain control capability and features the company’s video enhancement module (VEM). The VEM eliminates the effects of a hazy atmosphere due to fog, sunlight or shade scattering to ensure maximum detection and recognition ranges when operating in long focal range applications. This high sensitivity (NIR sensitivity) capability extends the operational range of the cameras from dawn until dusk.

Other key characteristics of the cameras include a rugged design (MIL-STD-810 qualified) for harsh outdoor conditions; operating capabilities in a wide range of temperatures (-40°C to +71°C); light weight, remote head design; and low power consumption. These are ideal cameras for upgrade programmes (standard definition to full HD) with various interfaces including HD-SDI. They are available in monochrome or colour versions, which utilise Adimec colour processing technology for superb quality and clarity in real-time, changing outdoor conditions.


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