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Pylon Driver version 2.1

Basler Vision Technologies has launched version 2.1 of its Pylon Driver software package. The release focuses on 64-bit system support for Microsoft Windows. Additional improvements include a DirectShow64 module, multicast support, and reworked installation scripts, including 64-bit Windows Vista.

The 2.1 release is a full 64-bit version of the IEEE 1394-b, GigE Vision filter, and GigE Vision performance drivers included in the Pylon package. In order to address the full installed memory, Pylon's C++ API is now also available in a 64-bit version. Because the API itself has not changed, customer applications can be easily converted to 64-bit.

The DirectShow64 module also offers full memory access to applications that work with DirectShow technology. The support for extended memory enables the option of using a long, uninterrupted recording time as well as recording at HDTV resolution.

An additional highlight of Pylon 2.1 is multicast support, which makes the camera image data available on more than one PC. This capability can be used, for example, to display images on several PCs or for shared image processing. The feature opens a range of possibilities for creating distributed inspection systems that use many GigE Vision cameras connected to many PCs.

The 2.1 release also provides reworked installation scripts that improve the comfort level for Windows Vista installations, including 64-bit Vista. All six Pylon drivers are fully certified by Microsoft, which makes Basler one of the few providers with a full certification. A free download of the Pylon 2.1 release, including the SDK, is available from Basler's website.


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