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Pylon driver software

Basler Vision Technologies has extended its Pylon driver software package by adding line scan camera support. This package has been used successfully with Basler area scan cameras for more than a year, and it simplifies the integration of cameras into applications. With this update, customers can use Basler's new Runner cameras to capture easily 2k pixel lines at rates up to 57kHz and to transmit the pixel data over distances up to 100m.Basler Pylon is based on the GenICam standard. The driver core can automatically interpret the properties of a GenICam-compatible camera and provide a C++ Camera API to an application without the need for additional configuration.

Basler Pylon 2.0 also improves support for the IEEE 1394 interface. A new driver allows the full S800 transmission speed on all Windows systems without making OS modifications. In addition, it supports Windows 64-bit systems with up to 16Gb of memory.

Installation processes that run in the background for each included driver and for the Pylon Viewer, complete the Pylon 2.0 package. The Pylon Viewer application supports GigE and IEEE 1394 cameras and provides users with a convenient method to test Basler cameras and integrate them into their applications.


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