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Dust protection MED feature set for Ace cameras

Basler is launching an upgrade of the Dust Protection MED Feature Set that is available immediately for eight of the 22 Basler MED ace camera series without extra charge. The new Dust Protection+ MED Feature Set boasts an optimized production process. During the camera assembly, Basler additionally tests critical components. Custom-developed test tools are used to inspect the sensor with strict detection limits as well as to check the IR cut filter in color cameras and the cover glass in the monochrome cameras. If any impurities are detected, the parts are cleaned before the assembly. During the final review, Basler once again tests the finished camera with the camera test tool. This enables Basler to reach an even higher degree of cleanliness, which leads to fewer artifacts in the images and thus results in higher image quality and more reliable image analysis. High image quality is particularly decisive, for example, for an AI-based classification of objects in an application software, which Basler also offers.

“With Dust Protection+, Basler combines four components that meet the special cleanliness standards often required of cameras by Medical & Life Sciences applications: Sealing of the sensor room, cleanroom production, strictest inspection for dust and other particles as well as high robustness during daily use,” explains Peter Behringer, Head of Medical Business at Basler AG. “This means that Dust Protection+ will particularly benefit customers who use microscopic processes with optical magnifications in their applications.”

Basler MED ace camera designed for medicine, medical technology and life sciences

All models in the Basler MED ace camera series are remarkable for their Basler MED Feature Sets: Easy Compliance, Brilliant Image, Perfect Color, Low Light Imaging, Industrial Excellence, High Speed and Dust Protection+. Specifically designed to meet the challenging demands in the Medical & Life Sciences area, the features combine hardware, firmware and software features. They help customers reduce their own development costs by enabling top-quality images in minimal time, while also offering full flexibility for individual requirements.

The color and monochrome cameras in the Basler MED ace series stand out not only with their MED Feature Sets but also with the latest CMOS sensors from the Pregius line by Sony, or the PYTHON line by onsemi. They achieve up to 164 frames per second and have a resolution of up to 20 MP. The certification of the quality management system under ISO 13485:2016 is particularly valuable for clients using the cameras in Medical & Life Sciences applications. Basler thus offers additional and higher quality standards for the production, distribution and service of digital cameras.


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