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Basler has released version 1.0 of its pylon driver package, the first official version. Because it integrates both a GigE Vision and an IEEE 1394 interface, the pylon driver package not only supports all models of Basler’s scout and pioneer cameras, but also supports older camera families such as the A100, A300, and A600 series.

All cameras can be controlled with a single set of commands via pylon’s unified C++ camera API. The aggressive use of GenICam technology for both GigE and IEEE1394 cameras provides the basis for this advantage. To achieve fast, reliable image data transport into the memory of the PC, pylon offers performance, filter, and DMA drivers with low resource requirements.

The other components included in pylon, such as an intuitive viewer, an MS DirectX interface, and a long list of sample programs, highlight the versatility of the pylon package. The unique serial number issued for each pylon Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures individualised support for our customers.


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