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ProVisor central supervisory system

Industrial Technology System has introduced ProVisor, its central supervisory system for applications requiring vision-based inspection, which the company says offers significant improvements in overall equipment effectiveness in an industrial setting. By integrating with PLCs, printers, cameras, scanners, labellers and other devices, ProVisor enables rapid and easy real-time device and batch process control from one central location, saving time and money.

Based on industry-standard SCADA technology, ProVisor offers a quick, simple, reliable and robust setup platform - the operator simply enters the data and sets all the devices with one click of the mouse. Incorrect batch data, lot numbers and expiry dates are eliminated, because ProVisor offers a guaranteed way to ensure all the data is correct.

Time and money are saved through downloading the data automatically from the central ProVisor station to all the devices at the same time, eliminating the lengthy process of operators having to set up individual devices and the associated risk of inputting errors. The system offers an easy-to-use graphical interface including a graphical representation of the production line. An image of the product being inspected is displayed, with the inspection details, plus results, process and machine status visible to the operator at all times.


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