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New 16mm lens added to the Ricoh FL Series

Ricoh Imaging has introduced a new 16mm lens to complement the current range of four Ricoh FL Series lenses (with 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm focal lengths) compatible with 1” format cameras with up to nine megapixels. The new lens, with its wide angle of view, is suitable for visually inspecting printed circuit boards and sheet materials (metal, paper, film); checking the type on printed matter; inspecting the shape, colour and surface of food and pharmaceuticals for errors; inspecting multiple items simultaneously, as well as applications where a diverse range of items are minutely inspected.

The lens provides high resolution images right up to the periphery, allowing for detailed measurement and confirmation of the subject.

This new lens features a φ42mm compact design, despite its nine megapixel resolution, allowing a high degree of freedom in incorporating it into the equipment being used.


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