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Prosilica GX3300

Stemmer Imaging now offers the Prosilica GX3300 camera from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT). The GX3300 combines 8 Megapixel resolution with high speed (240MB/s) data transfer and a frame rate of 17fps at full resolution. Supplied complete with a rich set of smart features, the GX3300 is ideally suited to a range of machine vision applications.

The GX3300 features the quad-tap Kodak KAI-08050 CCD progressive scan sensor, which provides exceptional image quality, high sensitivity and dynamic range, improved anti-blooming and reduced smear. The camera is equipped with an F-mount to make full use of the 4/3-inch optical format and is compatible with a wide-range of high quality commercial and industrial lenses.

The camera features Link Aggregate Groups (LAG), or IEEE 802.3ad, a well-established computer networking technology. This links two Ethernet ports to provide data transfer of 240MB/s, twice that achieved using a conventional GigE Vision configuration.

The camera is supplied in a compact, ribbed camera housing, specially designed for heat dissipation. With its rugged enclosure and optimised thermal management, the GX3300 delivers high quality images even in tough environments with temperatures up to 50°C.


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