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Boa IDR camera

The Boa IDR auto-identification camera, now available from Stemmer Imaging, is a fully integrated smart camera with ID software that allows comprehensive checking of product markings. By combining 1D barcode, 2D matrix and character reading and verification with pattern recognition capabilities in a single unit, the camera provides part traceability and error proofing. Barcodes, 'best before' dates, lot numbers and even logos and other product features can also be checked and verified.

The Boa IDR, manufactured by Teledyne Dalsa, is a compact unit measuring just 44 x 44 x 44mm in an industrial IP67 housing. The embedded software can easily be set up through a web browser interface. The camera supports standard communication protocols, such as Modbus and Ethernet/IP for seamless factory integration and connection to complementary control and illumination systems. User administration controls help companies meet CFR Part 11 validation, while history logging provides detailed information and traceability during the manufacturing process.

Boa IDR software is compatible with a host of commonly used codes used in a wide range of industries. Advanced features, such as custom scripting, are provided for more complex applications. In addition, runtime images can be saved to an offline PC using the Ethernet interface.


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