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Power Flash series of LED lighting

CCS Inc. expanded its PF (Power Flash) Series of LED lighting with 28 new models in various form factors and colors. Combined with existing products, the lineup offers 10 series with 76 models.

The PF Series is a line of extremely bright LED lighting and power supplies designed exclusively for strobe illumination. It is ideal for high-speed image processing inspections because of its high-power strobing in steps of 0.1 μs. Its illuminance is approximately 12 times brighter*2 than competitive alternatives, with a peak illuminance of 15.5 million lux*3. Since its release in May 2016, it has become a widely used lighting solution for inspecting electronic components, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, packages, and more.

The PF Series now includes flat dome lights (4 sizes), coaxial lights for high-resolution cameras (2 sizes), flat lights (3 sizes), and low-angle square lights (2 sizes). Small sizes of bar lights and diffused ring lights have also been added for precision inspections. Each model is available in red and white LED emission colors. The expanded lineup offers more ways to design high-speed applications.


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