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PL-D795, PL-D799, and PL-D7912

Pixelink, a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and microscopy markets, announced today that it will be launching new cameras that will position Pixelink has having the most complete line of Sony IMX based USB 3.0 machine vison Cameras in the markertplace.

“Pixelink has long prided ourselves in providing high quality cameras to a broad range of industries and for varying applications,” said Paul Saunders, President of Pixelink. “These new product solutions will address the demand in the marketplace from customers who are looking for the quality of our cameras, but who do not need the higher frame rates that Sony IMX image sensors are traditionally known for.”

The new cameras are all based on Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS technology and will be available in color or monochrome versions. The Pixelink PL-D795 camera is based on the Sony IMX264 sensor, has 5 megapixel resolution, a 2/3” lens format and dynamic range of 70 dB.  The Pixelink PL-D799 is based on the Sony IMX267 sensor has 9 megapixel resolution, a 1” lens format and dynamic range of 70 dB.  The Pixelink PL-D7912 camera to be released is based on the Sony IMX304 sensor, has 12 megapixel resolution, a 1.1” lens format and dynamic range of 70 dB.

 “These new camera offerings demonstrate our commitment to the USB 3.0 marketplace for industrial cameras,” added Mr. Saunders. “We are excited about these new camera solutions from Pixelink and we are confident that the market will embrace these additions to the Pixelink family of products.”

All cameras have global shutters in addition to being available in board level or enclosed configurations and are available with an external trigger.  These camera models are USB 3.0 compliant and offer the most discerning customer low-noise, high-resolution images, for a broad range of markets, whether it be for machine vison, microscopy or life science vision applications.


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