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20MP USB 3.0 camera models

Pixelink, a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and microscopy markets, announced today the release of their 20 MP ultra-high resolution and high quantum efficiency USB 3.0 camera models incorporating the Sony IMX183 CMOS rolling shutter sensor.

Available in color and monochrome, the Pixelink PL-D7620 1” sensor format camera is ideal for imaging applications where high resolution, improved sensitivity and low noise are key requirements. The Sony IMX183 back-illuminated image sensor technology realizes a high QE at a small pixel size of 2.4 µm making it perfect for metrology, research, surveillance/UAV and planetary imaging.

Pixelink has also developed a microscopy camera model with the IMX183 sensor technology, the M20-CYL, which rivals the performance of many sCMOS cameras and is available at a fraction of the price. Julian Goldstein, Co-president and owner of Navitar and Pixelink comments, “The release of the 20 MP models stem from conversations with our customers and requests for solutions that provide higher sensitivity and higher resolution. When paired with Navitar’s Resolv4K large FOV lenses, which offer 400-600% larger FOV compared to traditional zooms, the need for multiple camera and lens systems and postacquisition processing software to capture and re-assemble images is eliminated.”

As with all Pixelink cameras, these models are compatible with Pixelink Capture, a free, real-time, interactive, multi-camera software application.


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