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Picolo HD 3G DVI

Euresys has launched a high-definition PCIe video capture card extending the Picolo HD series.

The Picolo HD 3G DVI is a low-profile video and audio capture card which can acquire video from one high-definition camera (up to 1080p60) or, alternatively, a standard-definition analogue Y/C or composite video source.

The high-definition video input is compatible with various colour video signals: DVI-D for HD digital video, DVI-A or Y/Pb/Pr for HD analogue video. S-video and CVBS standard-definition analogue video inputs are also available to acquire PAL and NTSC signals.

A removable Bypass Module replicates all video and audio input signals on two output connectors for convenient connection to monitors.

This new Picolo HD is a PCI Express x1 Gen2, low profile card. It comes with Windows-compatible drivers, with DirectShow and C APIs.

The Picolo HD series of cards is suited to PC-based applications requiring HD video capture, such as medical devices (for dental or image-guided surgery applications), laboratory or measuring microscopes as well as for video surveillance equipment or for on-site quality control in industrial environment.


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