Grablink Full, Base and DualBase frame grabbers

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Euresys has launched the Grablink Full, Grablink Base and Grablink DualBase Camera Link frame grabbers.

These Grablink boards are particularly well-balanced in term of features offering on-board processing, such as three LUT operators and a Bayer CFA decoder. Moreover, these frame grabbers feature a rich set of I/O lines particularly compatible with a wide range of sensors and encoders. These I/O lines are easy to connect. They are configured by easy-to-understand software parameters, have the robustness of isolated electrical lines and are protected against overvoltage.

The Grablink Full is already available on the market and supports one Base-, Medium- or Full-configuration camera, including 10-tap cameras. The Grablink Full features a 4-lane PCI Express bus with 64-bit. This high-end acquisition board targets high-speed and high-resolution area scan and line scan applications such as printing, web and flat panel display inspection, 3D inspection and manufacturing inspection for fast production lines.