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Phoenix x|aminer X-ray inspection system

A Computed Tomography (CT) option, allowing 3D inspection of components, is now available with the Phoenix x|aminer 2D microfocus X-ray inspection system from the Inspection Technologies business of GE Measurement and Control.

The recently introduced five-axis Phoenix x|aminer is particularly suitable for rapid and accurate 2D inspection of soldered joints on a production line. The new option provides a simple and cost-effective method of carrying out 3D failure analysis for more complex geometry electronic assemblies, while retaining all the benefits of 2D inspection. As such, it will find a wide application in companies engaged in electronics assembly, semiconductor manufacture and security-relevant segments such as the automotive industry.

The high tube power of up to 20 Watt on the target allows a very good sample penetration which is especially needed for high quality CT scans. Equipped with cost-effective image-intensifier-based CT and GE’s easy to use Phoenix 3d|arv software for acquisition, reconstruction and visualisation of the CT results, the system offers both technological and economical benefit.


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