Pco.edge 3.1 and Pco.edge 4.2LT

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With the addition of two new models, PCO now provides eight sCMOS-cameras, one for almost every application. The new pco.edge 3.1 and pco.edge 4.2LT have become our new entry-level cameras. Dr. Gerhard Holst, Head of Research at PCO: “Our objective when developing these entry-level sCMOS models was to provide researchers with small budgets the opportunity to use world class cameras while pursuing their research.”

Even with the new entry-level models users don’t have to abandon quality and performance. Like all other models in the pco.edge family, our new cameras provide various selectable readout modes. For example the special lightsheet microscopy mode. In addition the new models continue to offer high sensitivity, high frame rates, high readout speed, high resolution and wide dynamic range.

Another unique feature of the entire PCO sCMOS family is their small size of just 70 x 76 x 102 mm, which enables their use in more applications in science and research than larger cameras. “We know from customer feedback how important a small size camera can be and we are glad that we can comply with this request without compromising quality” said Dr. Gerhard Holst.

Both new models will be available in the first quarter of 2015. Their first showing will be at the Photonics West exhibition, which takes place at San Francisco from 7th to 12th of February 2015.

Overview of the main parameters of the pco.edge 3.1:
- 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution
- 50 frames per second
- 1.1e- med readout noise
- 27000 : 1 dynamic range
- >60% quantum efficiency
- Global and Rolling Shutter readout
- Small form factor

Overview of the main parameters of the pco.edge 4.2LT:
- 2048 x 2048 pixels resolution
- 40 frames per second
- 0.8e- med readout noise
- 36 000 : 1 dynamic range
- >70% quantum efficiency
- Small form factor