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Distributed in UK, France and Italy by BFi OPTiLAS, US company Fairchild Imaging has launched the Osprey CCD/CAM-4KTDI. This is an ultra-sensitive camera for use in line scan applications that demand high performance under low light conditions. It features a 4096 x 96 TDI CCD imager, which provides anti-blooming and programmable gain and offset. With four outputs at 25MHz per output (100MHz total), the Osprey 4k delivers line rates up to 23k lines per second with 8-bit synchronous data.

The Osprey is ideal for imaging and industrial inspection applications where time delay integration (TDI) technology can deliver dramatically higher sensitivity than previous line scan solutions. The Osprey camera also provides a selectable number of TDI stages to customise the level of sensitivity required for the application.

The CCD sensor operates from UV to Near-IR. Applications include: flat panel display application, OCR, web inspection, biomedical diagnostic systems, and aerial imaging, among others. With a fibre-bonded x-ray scintillator, it can be used in x-ray applications such as dental scanning and x-ray security screening.

The Osprey 4k camera is available in housed version (CE-marked) or in OEM-Board version.


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