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Cooled scientific cameras

Fairchild Imaging, based in the US, has introduced a line of low-noise, multi-port, cooled scientific cameras based on a CCD sensor, (4096 x 4096 pixels, 15µm pitch). Distributed in UK, France and Italy by BFi OPTiLAS, all the cameras are cooled to -60ºC with thermoelectric or cryogenic coolers. There are two models of cameras based on the CCD sensor:

  • Peregrine 486, available in either front-illuminated or back-illuminated version, is available with a vacuum flange for connection to special optics or to vacuum chambers.
  • Condor 486 is available with different bonded fibre optics (tapers or faceplates) - Condor 486:90 features a 1:1 fibre taper providing a 90mm diameter faceplate; Condor 486:135 features a 1.5:1 fibre taper providing a 135mm diameter faceplate; and Condor 486:200 features a 2.2:1 fibre taper providing a 200mm diameter faceplate.

Fairchild Imaging's scientific cameras are suited to applications such as electron microscopy, high throughput screening (HTS), micro array and microtiter plate analysis, non-destructive testing (NDT), x-ray crystallography, x-ray inspection, and other high-performance imaging applications.

All these cameras are now available with USB 2 digital interface for easy connection to PC.


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