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Orbis micro-XRF X-ray detector

Edax, a specialist in micro X-ray fluorescence (XRF), has introduced new detector and sample viewport options for its Orbis micro-XRF elemental analyser system. The detector is a thermoelectrically cooled 50mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) capable of high-resolution spectral acquisition at high count rates.

In applications where the detector is signal starved, the new SDD detector can collect the same spectral data in half the time as a standard Orbis 30mm2 SDD detector. In applications where the standard SDD detector is signal saturated (e.g. measurements on ferrous alloys), use of the new detector also can be beneficial, since the X-ray tube current can be reduced, which can potentially extend tube life.

The detector will be very useful for customers that make measurements on small fragments, coatings and deposits on thin substrates, such as ink on paper, biological samples, and trace element analysis using heavier filters to improve sensitivity.

Edax also has introduced a sample viewport mounted into the chamber door of the Orbis analyzer. The large, X-ray safe window allows an analyst to easily verify general sample targeting among many small samples or among multiple sample trays.


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