Lumenera Lt365 camera

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Lumenera has released the Lt365 camera, which will be available from Framos by mid-2013. The camera is based on the Sony CCD sensor ICX674, providing outstanding image quality, low noise and high sensitivity. Featuring 2.8 megapixel resolution, USB 3.0 interface and a high-speed global shutter, this camera will complement Lumenera’s Lt line of USB 3.0 cameras.

The high-performance CCD sensor and low noise electronics ensure clear and sharp images. It also offers good response in the near-infrared. The industrial-grade camera provides 2.8 megapixels at up to 50fps or 60fps at HD resolution. It is therefore ideally suited to a variety of applications including traffic, tolling, high-speed inspection and machine vision. A scientific-grade variant is available for demanding life science applications such as digital pathology and ophthalmology. The Lt365 can be customised to suit OEM designs.