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Teledyne e2v, the global innovator of imaging solutions, has developed a new range of line scan cameras for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications in healthcare and industrial markets. The new OctoPlus range will have an immediate impact in ophthalmic OCT by reducing patient examination times and increasing the field of view available to practitioners when carrying out non-invasive eye examinations.

OctoPlus was developed following discussions with doctors and medical industry professionals. It is based on new image sensor pixel architecture and is specifically tuned to provide users with the most accurate images of the retina and cornea; mapping tissue structure, measuring thickness and visualising blood flow dynamics for diagnostics.

OctoPlus will benefit patients, doctors and OCT equipment manufacturers by increasing patient comfort during eye tests, reducing examination time and enabling doctors to make more timely decisions. For doctors, OctoPlus will more than double the eye surface captured in a single scan without sacrificing resolution, and will improve confidence in the diagnosis protocol. This will lead to more effective treatment decisions based on OCT angiography and will allow for earlier detection of peripheral pathologies like diabetic retinopathy.

Specific advantages of OctoPlus include a 250 percent larger field of view compared to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved commercial Swept Source OCT (SS-OCT) and a +5dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in comparison with equipment currently available in Spectral-Domain OCT (SD-OCT).

A further benefit of OctoPlus is that it saves 60 percent of the power used by previous designs. This reduces heat generation, improves the stability of OCT equipment and increases maintenance intervals.


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