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BaySpec now offers enhancements to its Nunavut deep-cooled linear array cameras for use with spectrometers. The cameras feature a new selection of wavelength ranges, improved low noise electronics, and optional water cooling down to -100°C. BaySpec’s line scan cameras are used by researchers looking to add enhanced sensitivity for low noise spectroscopy applications. 

The Nunavut line is ideal for integration with existing spectrographs, or combined with BaySpec’s SuperGamut VPG spectrographs. It is vacuum sealed to ensure reliable operation over time and uses air deep cooling to around -55°C, so there is no liquid nitrogen needed. There is also optional water cooling to -100°C.

The standard wavelength ranges are: 180-1,100nm, 900-1,700nm, 900-2,050nm, 900-2,250nm, 900-2,550nm powered by a single 12V supply. The Nunavut possesses both high sensitive and high dynamic modes.