NSX 220 automated macro defect inspection system

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Rudolph Technologies has introduced its NSX 220 automated macro defect inspection system. The system provides fast, easy defect inspection for traditional back-end processes in the semiconductor, MEMS and LED market.

The NSX 220 is an automated macro defect inspection system that uses greyscale image analysis (with colour image capture) to provide fast, accurate inspection and metrology in final manufacturing applications for wafers up to 300mm. It can detect traditional advanced macro defects such as scratches, mechanical damage, foreign materials, voids and probe damage, while also performing two-dimensional measurements on bumps, probe marks and edge trim processes. The system operates over a range of resolutions (10µm-0.5µm) with both brightfield and optional darkfield illumination.

The software platform, based on the NSX 320 system, uses host-based image processing and delivers significant improvements in usability and productivity over older-generation NSX series equipment.

An optional suite of yield management software optimises the productivity of both the NSX 220 and 320 systems and minimises the need for operator assistance. Discover Software is designed for use with Rudolph inspection systems to allow real-time analysis for faster solutions and intelligent defect sampling for reduced offline review.