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Nokra and VRmagic Imaging cooperate in product development

The Aachen-based measuring and inspection technology specialist Nokra and the camera manufacturer VRmagic Imaging from Mannheim have jointly developed a technology platform for laser triangulation processes. The product development successfully incorporates Nokra expertise in optimization of 3D laser measurement technology on the one hand, and on the other the many years of experience of the camera manufacturer VRmagic in the area of technical implementation.

Reliable and fast evaluation of the laser line

Algorithm design for laser line extraction is at the heart of the cooperation: as an expert for measurement solutions in the steel, aluminum and automotive industries and the area of glass processing, Nokra develops algorithms which optimize highly precise evaluation of the laser line on a wide range of different surfaces. The processes are based among other things on calculation of the center of gravity, and VRmagic implements them in speed-optimized and parameterizable form on the FPGA of the sensor. 

Synchronous output of measurement and image information

In addition to output of the laser line and 3D image, the sensor also supplies the brightness values of the laser line, a so-called intensity image. This image data permits evaluation of the surface quality, for example. In addition to geometrical detection of production items, the gray-value image is also used in quality assurance applications – in the wood or metal processing industries, for example – for inspection of the material surface for color flaws and inclusions which cannot be detected with 3D sensors. The 3D measured data and 2D image data are recorded at the same time and from exactly the same perspective – this provides optimum preconditions for combined evaluation. In the context of Industry 4.0, 2D image acquisition can be used for identification of workpieces on the basis of bar codes. 

When developing new system solutions, Nokra will in future use the new technology platform in combination with proprietary firmware optimized for Nokra measurement technology which will allow additional relevant measurement information to be transmitted. VRmagic Imaging has developed firmware for the platform with a GigE Vision interface which is optimized for image processing tasks.


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