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Nexiv VMZ-R3020 and VMZ-R6555

Nikon Metrology has introduced the Nexiv VMZ-R3020 and VMZ-R6555 video measuring systems. The devices are designed to measure the dimensions and shapes of mechanical parts and high density, multi-layered electronic components.

The R3020 is suitable for inspection of small components used for mechanical and electric applications. The R6555, featuring a 65 x 55cm measuring platform, is for fast measurement of larger printed circuit boards or mechanical parts. It is also suited to automatic measurement of many smaller parts on a large stage, helping to reduce the cost of part inspection.

Both use Nikon's in-house developed linear encoder, and improvements to the image transfer technology and changes to the illumination source have shortened overall measuring time. A third ring illumination angle features advanced edge detection, while enhancements to the TTL laser autofocus have strengthened the system's ability to measure transparent components.


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