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DS-Ri1 camera

Nikon Instruments Europe has launched its DS-Ri1 camera, the latest addition to its range of Digital Sight cameras for microscopy. The DS-Ri1 camera has been specifically designed as a multifunctional solution for both high resolution colour and fluorescent image capture and analysis.

Key features include a rapid acquisition rate in full frame pixel stepping mode that significantly improves image resolution and a speed of 19fps in live mode, which can be further increased when binning is applied or the region-of-interest mode is employed. In addition, the DS-Ri1 also boasts enhanced colour fidelity for applications that require accurate reproduction and colour analysis. Noise is reduced and images are further improved thanks to the cooled CCD chip, which runs at 10°C below ambient temperature.

As a result of the large native pixel size and supported cooling, the DS-Ri1 can tackle simple fluorescence imaging and documentation. This makes it perfect for low magnification systems, like Nikon’s SMZ series microscopes or Nikon’s new AZ100 multizoom. However, the pixel-stepping mechanism allows for huge, high-resolution brightfield images to be captured, making it ideal for higher magnification systems.  Additionally, the new DS-Ri1 supports 12 bit per channel output for 36 bit color images.

The DS-Ri1 interfaces directly with DS-L2 and DS-U2 controllers and can be connected to PCs via USB2 interfaces for simple installation and easy configuration. The DS-Ri1 offers ’Scene Mode’ support for the DS-L2 standalone controller. Made popular by Nikon’s Coolpix series of consumer cameras, ‘Scene Mode’ helps set standard settings that are ideal for different types of imaging. When interfaced to a PC, the ‘Scene Mode’ option is accessible but can also be disabled for high-bit depth, ’raw format’ imaging at up to 12 bits per channel.

The DS-Ri1 can be controlled with Nikon’s NIS-Elements software through a familiar GUI control screen shared with all the Digital sight family of cameras, adding powerful, camera-specific controls for the DS-Ri1.


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