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NeuroCheck 6.0

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS), a supplier of machine vision solutions, has launched NeuroCheck 6.0. Reengineered from the ground up on the Microsoft .NET framework by sister company NeuroCheck, NeuroCheck 6.0 offers dramatic improvements in inspection processing and manufacturing integration, as well as support for the latest high-resolution colour digital cameras and multi-core CPUs.

NeuroCheck is an integrated software application used for inspection, guidance, identification, metrology, tracking and counting in mission-critical inspection systems. With the release of version 6.0, the user interface has been completely revised and made touchscreen ready, internal algorithms are multi-core, multi-threaded to support 24-bit colour image processing, and the data communications centre significantly extends factory integration capabilities for end-users and systems integrators alike.

New image processing algorithms allow faster solution creation and more precise evaluations. All functions process colour data, updated check functions incorporate numerous new geometric characteristics and calculation rules, and barcode processing supports a wider range of 2D and 1D formats, allowing engineers to build solutions quicker and more accurately. 24-bit colour processing is carried through template matching, supported with a new template definition wizard. Modern multi-core processor support further improves performance, particularly for fast cameras connected via GigE and FireWire B (IEEE 1394b) interfaces.

The user interface has been revised and optimised for working with large images from high-resolution cameras. In manual mode, parameter dialogues are resizable, all image displays allow arbitrary zoom with an overview window for easy navigation. Radical development of the automatic mode has introduced separate control panel and process view windows. Touchscreen ready, the control panel is the operating centre, providing a compact overview of the inspection process, while the process view allows more detailed information to be displayed, such as evaluation results, intermediate images or accumulated statistical values. Multi-threading ensures rapid updating of output windows and better hardware resource utilisation.

The software's designer toolkit allows engineers to completely redesign both user interface views without extensive programming knowledge. Using simple drag-and-drop actions, the engineer can fine-tune the standard user interface or fully realise his company's corporate design – even minimise operator training by recreating a user interface already in use.

NeuroCheck 6.0 can run under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is available now in three licence levels: professional, premium and run-time.


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