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A new 3D sensor range from Isra Vision now offers versatile and high-precision measurement technology for a wide range of applications. Direct from a single source, users have at their disposal a sensor for the highly precise measurement of reflective surfaces, a white light interferometer for the inspection of surface structures and a universal sensor for capturing free forms. The result is a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor range with a great variety of applications that can be used in the inspection of precision products, electronics and vehicle parts.

The innovative sensor portfolio combines 3D shape measurement, white light interferometry and stereo deflectometry to handle challenging measurement tasks. In the automotive industry, the electronics industry or precision mechanics, the combined sensors cover several stages of production. In the production of clocks, for example, the systems are used to inspect the housing, the position of the clock hands, and the cover glass to make sure that all interior parts are present. The ability of the white light interferometry system to precisely capture surfaces in the form of a topological map thus ensures a reliable inspection for completeness and quality with accuracies down to the nanometer range.

In the field of information and communication electronics, this new technology combination allows for the inspection of finished products and the testing of individual components such as circuit boards. In smartphone manufacturing, the sensors perform a highly precise inspection, checking that the battery has been inserted and that the integrated circuits are lying flat, while also inspecting the cover glass. To ensure these versatile application possibilities, the three powerful sensors are equipped with different technologies.

NetGAGE3D: New product line for high-precision white light interferometry

With only one scan, the NetGAGE3D white light interferometer reliably delivers high-precision measurement results in the nm range to ensure a reliable measurement of different surface area properties such as flatness or roughness, but also of dimensional accuracy and completeness. The new and extended 3D sensor range follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested KORAD3D series used in numerous applications. Equipped with new features, NetGAGE3D now captures real-color 3D surface images and achieves 4-times faster scanning thanks to a new signal processing method and an integrated processor. The sensor ensures highly precise measurement results, in particular through using high resolution images of height structures. Because the incoming measurement light and the camera lens of the NetGAGE3D are mounted coaxially, depths such as boreholes, channels and etched structures are measured without any shadows. In addition, NetGAGE3D can accurately capture various materials in different processing conditions as well as transparent objects contact-free down to the nanometer range. Thanks to high-quality components, the self-preserving enclosure and low maintenance requirements, NetGAGE3D is very robust. Its operation is very simple thanks to intuitive menu navigation and users can intervene directly in the manufacturing process by means of operator self-inspection. Depending on the object size, the sensor can be used with different measuring fields and is available as NetGAGE3D, NetGAGE3D-S, NetGAGE3D-M, NetGAGE3D-L and NetGAGE3D-XL.

SpecGAGE3D: Multi-camera system for highly reflective surfaces

SpecGAGE3D is the reliable measurement system for the detection of reflective surfaces, combining phase-measuring deflectometry in stereo mode with strip pattern lighting. The sensor measures glossy and reflective surfaces, such as progressive bifocal lenses or deflection mirrors of head-up displays, with high-precision height and curvature measurements down to the nanometer or millidiopter. In addition, SpecGAGE3D quickly and reliably detects cosmetic errors during shape measurements, so that the defective parts can be rejected early in the process. In its latest version, it is now equipped with four cameras and measures several parts simultaneously, thus reducing the cycle time.

APS3D: Reliable quality inspection through flexible shape measurement

Through a pioneering technology mix of different measurement methods and 3D point cloud technology, the APS3D bridges the gap between 3D robot guidance and 3D in-line measurement technology. APS3D can be adapted optimally to the task at hand thanks to tailored software packages guaranteeing reliable results in both applications with short cycle times. With the combination of stereometry, triangulation and phase-shift strip projection, APS3D can be used wherever object geometries need to be measured accurately at high speed or where fast robot guidance with shortest cycle times is required.

Connected 3D Quality Control: Versatile, networked, easy to use

All three systems of the sensor combination are equipped with Wi-Fi as standard. NetGAGE3D and APS3D already have an embedded PC, while SpecGAGE3D can be equipped with its own processor in the near future. Thanks to the embedded PC and Windows touch operation, the systems are very easy to use and can even be controlled from a tablet using the “Remote Desktop” function. Network capability and embedded technology are general development objectives that ISRA is already pursuing with its SmartCam solution, a camera with integrated computing power and “Touch & Automate” portfolio of network-enabled sensors. At the same time, ISRA is offering new management software with which the systems can share collected data with one other or with a database. The Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence Software, EPROMI uses the production line’s entire data set to provide users with a fully transparent overview of their manufacturing processes. Combined with network-enabled inspection technology, EPROMI provides the basis for closely networked and INDUSTRY 4.0 compatible production.


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