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IntelliPICK sensors

IntelliPICK is the new and extended sensor generation following the market proven robot vision product line SHAPESCAN3D, offering several new functionalities. The new product family will be introduced at Hannover Messe 2017. In the course of the ongoing development of the “Touch & Automate”-portfolio, the sensor line will be extended by even more system sizes and equipped with embedded technology.

Industrial production environments make high demands on machine vision sensors. Ambient light, small spaces, changing parts and containers as well as short cycle times are only the most common of challenges. The new IntelliPICK sensor portfolio for fully automated bin picking was particularly designed to address the challenges at production lines. With its robustness and resilience against disturbances the new sensor generation guarantees a maximum of system availability and uninterrupted supply of parts in the production line, maximizing productivity and production yields.

Versatile and easy to handle, providing maximum system availability

Every system learns even the most complex shapes of new parts quickly and easily by reading CAD-data, enabling it to detect an almost unlimited range of parts. Due to the intuitive design of its user interface, the sensor can be operated without any experience or expert knowledge. Integrated plausibility checks verify the proper parametrization. High-intensity yet safe to the eye laser lighting allows for detailed object detection and a high depth of focus independent of the distance between the sensor and the container. Even shiny or dirty surfaces are recognized reliably. Completely new features and short calculation times provide important advantages for production time: IntelliPICK’s new detection software recognizes any foreign objects among the parts to be picked, allowing continued part removal from the current container and saving valuable time. Extended software makes the system tolerant to varying positions or even different types of containers. Due to the “Fast Collision Check” feature multiple parts can be picked back to back and collision free without any additional scans. Versatility and speed of IntelliPICK reduce the return on investment to less than a year in common applications. Standardized system components minimize the maintenance effort.

Using the full technological potential in the entire production line

A completely new application now uses the IntelliPICK’s CAD-based point cloud recognition for placing parts in a container with a robot gripper, providing a robust loading process by improving the flexibility of the sorting robot: disruptions caused by changes like shifted parts are minimized and the need for manual intervention is eliminated. With this additional application, the entire technological potential of IntelliPICK is unleashed to increase process efficiency along the entire production line. In the field, manufacturers now efficiently save time and money by deploying IntelliPICK at both ends of their production line as well as in other pick and place processes along the line. Here too, the “Fast Collision Check” feature can be used to pick multiple objects back to back.

Reliable bin picking for parts of various sizes

With a lean design, the sensors of this product line seamlessly fit into any production line. Available in various sizes, they allow for safe gripping of small parts as well as large and bulky units. For the ability to pick very small components, the IntelliPICK family will include the MiniPICK system. Equipped with four cameras, it safely recognizes even small metal parts or plastic components like plug connectors. Every IntelliPICK sensor is delivered pre-calibrated and automated calibration of robot and sensor as well as guided workflow navigation support fast commissioning. The systems support all standard communication interfaces for common robots and are easily installed in any production environment due to their flexible mounting system. As part of the “Touch & Automate” portfolio of connective sensors, the new IntelliPICK series will be equipped with WiFi and well prepared for the future of industrial production and INDUSTRIE 4.0.


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