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Matlab adapter

Bitflow has upgraded its Matlab adapter for simplifying the use of MathWorks Matlab software. The adapter is available as a free download on the Bitflow website.

Designed to acquire images from Bitflow frame grabbers directly into Matlab and Simulink software, the upgraded adapter now provides full support for Bitflow's software development kit 5.2 to 5.7. It is also compatible with all Bitflow frame grabbers, including the recently launched Karbon-CXP and Cyton-CXP CoaXPress models.

Additionally, the adapter integrates new capabilities for CLSerial read and write and CXP register access, both implemented via a variety of device-specific properties. Non-default initialisation values for device-specific properties can also now be set using the video input format parameter to reduce setup time.

BitFlow has also announced that its Cyton and Karbon CXP CoaxPress frame grabbers are fully compatible with the new NorPix StreamPix high-speed recording station.


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