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NeduCam25 global shutter FPD-LINK III camera module

e-con Systems™, a leading OEM embedded camera company launches NeduCAM25, a full HD global shutter FPD-LINK III camera module.

NeduCAM25 is the first product launched in the NeduCAM series – a portfolio of FPD-Link III cameras from e-con Systems. NeduCAM25 is based on onsemi®'s AR0234 sensor. The global shutter feature of this camera helps to capture fast-moving objects without any rolling shutter artifacts. It uses the FPD-LINK III interface with shielded coaxial cable for reliable transmission of both power and data up to a distance of 15m with low latency.

“e-con Systems has been in the embedded vision space for 18+ years now. We continue expanding our portfolio of cameras to support various interfacing technologies available in the market. On that note, e-con brings a new series of FPD-Link III cameras called ‘NeduCAM25’ to serve various markets like Autonomous Mobile Robots, Autonomous vehicles, Agriculture robots & vehicles, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and Self-checkout systems”, said Gomathi Sankar, BU Head- Industrial at e-con Systems™

Key features of NeduCAM25

● FPD-LINK III interface – Transmits both power & data up to a distance of 15m.
● Global shutter – Captures fast-moving objects without any rolling shutter artifacts.
● High frame rate – Captures HD images at 120 fps and full HD images at 65 fps.
● Multi-camera support – Allows connecting multiple camera modules and enables simultaneous synchronized Full HD streaming.
● IP67-rated enclosure – Makes the camera suitable for use in harsh industrial conditions by protecting it from water, dust, temperature variations, and vibrations.


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