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SmarteCAM AWS certified and See3CAM_CU27

e-con Systems’ SmarteCAM, a ready to deploy smart AI camera system has now been validated by the AWS Device Qualification Program (DQP) under the AWS IoT Greengrass category. The camera has also been listed in the AWS Partner device catalog. SmarteCAM has been certified by AWS owing to its data analytics capabilities leveraging the AWS IoT Greengrass SDK.

SmarteCAM is an IP66 rated smart AI camera based on NVIDIA Jetson TX2. It is a programmable OEM smart camera that offers product developers the flexibility to build their own computer vision algorithms and customize them to their use case. Based on the Sony STARVIS IMX290 sensor, SmarteCAM also comes with the ability to integrate three of other e-con sensors including Sony STARVIS IMX415, AR0234, and AR0821.

Benefits of using SmarteCAM with AWS IoT Greengrass

SmarteCAM is a ready to deploy camera with powerful AI processing capabilities. It comes with an on-board NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 CPU and a 256 core GPU which can perform all image processing and analytics indigenously. It can also analyze data closer to the source in the cloud with the help of AWS IoT Greengrass SDK.

This smart AI camera is ideally suited for running image-based machine learning and deep learning models at the edge making the camera perfect for applications such as smart surveillance, traffic monitoring, parking lot management, crowd monitoring & analysis, smart farming, sports broadcasting etc. These AI based application data will be sent to AWS cloud which makes analysis easy for the customer.

SmarteCAM with its AWS IoT Greengrass Core software offers the following functionalities:

  • Deployment and local running of AWS connectors and Lambda functions.
  • Processing data streams locally with automatic exports to AWS cloud.
  • MQTT messaging over the local network between devices, connectors, and Lambda functions using managed subscriptions.
  • MQTT messaging between AWS IoT and devices, connectors, and Lambda functions using managed subscriptions.
  • Secure connections between devices and AWS Cloud using device authentication and authorization.
  • Local shadow synchronization of devices. Shadows can be configured to sync with AWS cloud.
  • Deployment of cloud-trained machine learning models for running local inference.
  • Secure, over-the-air (OTA) software updates of user-defined Lambda functions.
  • Secure, encrypted storage of local secrets and controlled access by connectors and Lambda functions.

e-con Systems launches 100 fps Full HD SONY STARVIS™ IMX462 camera

e-con Systems has launched See3CAM_CU27, a Full HD ultra-low light USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera with superior near-infrared performance.

See3CAM_CU27 is a low light camera based on the SONY STARVIS IMX462 image sensor. It stands out in its superior near-infrared performance. The high sensitivity of this Full HD camera helps to capture images in as extremely low lighting conditions as 0 lux, which makes it suitable for night vision applications and medical microscopes. Also, this camera comes with a high-performance onboard Image Signal Processor (ISP). This facilitates accurate color reproduction with auto exposure and auto white balance functions that provide the best possible image output. See3CAM_CU27 is a fixed focus camera that has an M12 lens holder which offers customers an opportunity to use the lens of their choice.

Key features of STURDeCAM25

  • High Sensitivity - Capture images even in extremely low lighting conditions (0 lux)
  • IR sensitivity - Capture high-quality images in near-infrared regions
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface - Plug and play support for Windows and Linux systems.
  • Inbuilt Image Signal Processor - Facilitates accurate color reproduction with auto exposure and auto white balance functions
  • Streams MJPEG video data in Full HD @100 fps and UYVY video data in Full HD @60 fps

This UVC compliant camera supports the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface and is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 host ports.

With the ultra-low light and near-IR sensitivity features, See3CAM_CU27 is suitable for various low light applications such as smart surveillance, smart traffic systems, food quality inspection systems, in-vehicle surveillance, medical microscopes for fluorescence, dark field and bright field imaging, ophthalmology devices, and agricultural applications such as crop monitoring and vegetation index measurement.


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