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FHD colour global shutter four-lane MIPI camera

e-con Systems Inc., a leading embedded camera solutions company, is expanding its wide portfolio of cameras by introducing a FHD color global shutter 4-lane MIPI camera module, e-CAM217_CUMI0234_MOD, designed to capture fast-moving objects with superior image quality and accuracy. This FHD MIPI CSI-2 camera module is based on the 1/2.6" AR0234CS image sensor from ON Semiconductor®, a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, with a well-tuned image signal processor (ISP). Its interchangeable M12 (S-mount) lens allows manufacturers to select a lens of their choice according to their application needs.

Recognizing the growing need for color global shutter cameras in embedded vision applications, we are excited to launch our first color global shutter camera module with MIPI CSI-2 interface. Color global shutter allows artifact-free imaging of moving objects and together with high-frame rates and NVIDIA Jetson platform support, this camera will enable new genre of applications powered by AI on the edge”, said Ashok Babu President of econ Systems, Inc. “With our continuous investment in developing new cameras for embedded vision applications along with technology partnership with ON Semi, we have a wide range of production-ready MIPI CSI-2 camera modules which will cut down the time-to-market for our customers”, he added.

“Vision has become one of the main data acquisition technologies in electronic systems today, as more OEMs offer state-of-the-art image processing techniques in their solutions,” said Gianluca Colli, Vice President and General Manager, Industrial & Commercial Sensors Division (ICSD) at ON Semiconductor. “Small form-factor camera sensor modules delivering high performance at low power enable a variety of imaging solutions previously out of reach. Recognizing this need, ON Semiconductor has been working closely with technology partners over several years to create camera modules for simplified development and quick time to market.” he added.

This global shutter camera module captures images at a high frame rate, which helps to minimize frame-to-frame distortion and reduce motion blur while capturing fast-moving objects to produce smoother images with greater scene details. The global shutter functionality and high frame rate make it suitable for applications such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), Automotive ADAS, Robotic Vision, Drones, Factory Automation, Gesture Recognition, Traffic Monitoring, and Barcode Scanning.

To accelerate product development for the above applications and to evaluate e-CAM217_CUMI0234_MOD camera module’s capabilities, e-con Systems offers e-CAM24_CUNX camera evaluation kit that plugs into the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX™ developer kit. The camera is integrated into systems through V4L2 framework which enables out-of-the-box evaluation. e-con Systems also offers complete customization of firmware and hardware according to manufacturers’ application requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Best in Class Global Shutter Efficiency helps to capture fast moving objects without motion blur
  • Onboard ISP helps to bring out best-in-class image quality in both uncompressed UYVY and offloads image processing tasks and reduces CPU usage
  • FHD up to 120fps helps to minimize frame to frame distortion
  • Low noise capabilities help to produce clear and sharp images in both low-light and bright scenes


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